Can I wear a wig without glue?

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Can I wear a wig without glue?


We are always seeking for new ways to make our wigs look as realistic as possible, besides choosing the undetectable lace, we have been more creative by applying adhesive glue and tape for a more skin-like appearance. Though glue does great work for securing our wig, it inevitably damages your edges and hairline. At this time, glueless lace wig comes up. Not only mimic your natural hair, but also offer protective styling, glueless lace wigs have become a perfect option for women opt for convenient and natural.

What is a glueless lace wig? What are the merits of a glueless wig? How to wear a glueless wig? If you were confused, stay tuned! We will have the low-down on the questions in this article.


A glueless lace wig, is exactly what it sounds like: a lace wig that be applied without the use of adhesive glue or tape. Any wig that is secured with no glue can be categorized as a glueless wig. Here you may be wondering how could the glueless lace wig stay attached on your head, will it fall off? Generally, the glueless wigs are designed with adjustable straps and combs which guarantee a snug fit with your head. The position of the combs and strap design may vary based on different manufacturers.


Glue-less lace wig has become the most popular options among wig wearers. There are several reasons why women would choose to wear this type of wig: 

Convenient. No glue, no tape, thus allows you to apply or remove the wig in an instant.

Protective. Manipulating the lace with makeup or adhesive in the long run may potentially damage your edges and scalp, glueless lace wig can be a delightful option to help you slay without compromising your edges.

Alternative. For some people who are allergic to adhesives and glues, it is the best alternative way.

Natural. Many women purchase glueless lace wigs for that it can get baby hair all around, so that it delivers a natural look.

So Can i wear a wig without glue?

Absolutely. There are plathera of alternatives to glue when it comes to attaching your wig in place. You can use products like hairspray, or hair gel or even tape. The more beginner friendly method would simply be your elastic band that comes attached inside the wig.In the rear or the wig you might find two stretchy elastic bands that hook in the middle. This asssures security for your wig to stay in place. The wig also has combs sewn inside: One located at the top two on the sides and one in the rear of the unit. These combs are helpful for a lot of people so use them.


Just like you put on your other wigs, you should braid all your hair and put on a wig cap. Make sure all your hair is tucked in. Then put on your wig and get it slightly in front of your hairline. To secure the wig, you should adjust back straps and comb the hair into your wig with the included combs. Next cut the extra lace along your hairline with razor or scissor. Finally, it comes to styling. Use a styling mouse to lay the baby hairs on your wig.

Something that you should know.

It is important to mention that the more the wig is customize ,the more natural it will look glue-less.I would try to consult with a professional because wigs can be pricey and you wouldnt want to make a mistake that is irreversible. If you are new to wearing wigs I would suggest  searching how to customize your wig for tips. 

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