Nikki V Beauty's Waterproof ''Headliner'' Wig bond

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Proven to be the best wig bond on the market. Created formula that helps secure the strongest hold and tightest grip! It is %100 waterproof. This bond has been tested in the shower, pool, and rain. Most importantly it is 100 percent safe on skin. Vegan-free and cruelty free. 

Features & details

  • Designed for sensitive skin and scalp. When removing your hairpiece, Use a skin-safe adhesive solvent – such as rubbing alcohol, It may results in less skin irritations.
  • Our product is specially designed for bonding hair replacement systems to skin and scalp. It¡¯s tested to ensure safety, high quality and performance.
  • Our Transdermal For All Seasons Plus hair glue works well with lace and polyurethane hair units. It is easy to remove, safe for all types of caps and comes with safety first guarantee.
  • If you are not satisfied with our product please contact us. We will do our best to address your concerns regarding hair bonding glues.
  • Use extensions, ponytail wig, a bun, etc. The wig glue uses a special formula making glue that blends with the scalp for a natural-looking hairline. A transparent lace wig adhesive ideal for any toupee kit.




Directions: Apply three thin layers on the skin. 
Wait 60secs after the last layer has been applied. Carefully line the lace wig up with your hairline and Gently place the lace into the wig glue . Spray holding spray & tie down 10-15 mins. Remove covering & you’re done! Wig bond lady for 2-3 weeks before touch- up.